File Naming Conventions for Samples

The convention is soundtype-001-addendum.

For example:


Most important note: each sound gets its own number, even if its a version of another sound.

This makes it easy to:

  1. Find skindrum sounds
  2. Not confuse sounds because each one has its own number, regardless of the addendum
  3. Add supplementary notes about the sound without disorganizing the filing system


Sometimes though, you can’t stay in sequence with your names. For example, you already have 28 skindrum sounds, and now you want to make a short version of one of them. Best method:


Here, X stands for “child sound.” Using X will keep these files after your parent sound, because X follows other letters and file displays are usually arranged alphabetically.

Example of what it looks like in a folder (in this case, digeridoo and drum sounds). Notice “drum1.” Wouldn’t it be nice if that file had kept with convention?

BPM sample file namig system




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