What rights do I have when I edit the code?


The code is proprietary. BPM owns the code. We do not permit people to edit any part of the code and give it away publicly, in any form. We do not permit people to use any part of the code in something they sell. The code is our intellectual property and using it in any of these ways is criminal.

Why? There was a LOT of work behind getting this code and these PMAs here. Thousands of dollars, finding coders and instrument designers, communicating. Hundreds of hours working things out, designing, coding the layout, making the samples, figuring out how it could all work together, building the website. All this time, money and energy used for this project instead of one of the other projects we could have developed. We want to be able to at least recover our investment, and want to make a profit on our investment of risk, time and energy, if it is possible.

Keep in mind that profits from this project will fund more digital instruments and improvements (things BPM PMA clients ask for or say would be nice additions — updates for the app they already own which happen free). Profits fund coders who make these apps, instrument designers who design new instruments, and a bunch of other things anyone who buys one of our PMAs can benefit from.


You can buy a legal copy of the app. We have made it inexpensive to buy. Then you can modify this for your personal use. You can share modifications (not share your version of our product) on the forums, and other people can try them out and discuss them. You can share your samples, ideas and layouts, and benefit from what other people share. This way, you can get an instrument that you like to use, that’s personal, and you can change it as needed.

If you happen to make an instrument using our code, you can show it to us. If we like it, too, we’ll market it and give you some of the profits from the sales.

If you make an instrument that doesn’t use our code, the same deal applies, except we’d expect to give you a bigger share of revenue. Again, show it to us and if we like it, we’ll market it.

If you’re a good coder and you make an improvement to our code, depending on how significant the improvement is, we will consider using your improvement, at which point we’d credit you and give you a proportionate cut of revenue from the app you improved.



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