Publish PMA

You can publish your PMA(s) on Buttons Play Music. We are a Canada-based company, but we work with designers and developers around the world.

After you send us your PMA(s), we’ll take a look. We publish only some PMAs.

And yes, we do share sales revenue with PMA programmers.

The best way to contact us for this is to email and use “PMA offering: Title of your PMA” in the subject line.

PMA programmer jobs

Are you looking for a job programming PMAs?

You can contact us with a brief (each of the following bullet points should be answered with 2 or 3 sentences) email highlighting the following areas we consider when hiring PMA programmers:

  • Why you like PMA programming, why you do it, and why you want to do more.
  • Your knowledge of programming required in developing PMAs. Include a list of links to your past work.
  • Your knowledge of music theory and other music stuff.
  • Any other knowledge or abilities we should consider.
  • Your citizenship country, and any languages you speak.
  • References

Thank you,

Justin Munce,
CEO, Buttons Play Music

Ideas for PMAs

If you have an interesting idea for a PMA, you can submit your idea to us.

Or, you can post your professional schematic or children’s drawing here, and maybe one of the app developers who browse this board will like it and design it for BMA’s PMA instrument library.

PMA publisher

Buttons Play Music is a PMA publisher. We edit and publish play music apps.

BPM is the first PMA publisher on the internet that functions like we do.

You can submit your PMAs to us for publication, and we naturally pay a percentage of sales revenue to you.

To submit a PMA to Buttons Play Music, email.

The difference between PMAs and LMAs

What is a PMA? What is an LMA?

These are two terms used just for the purpose of specifying whether you want an app you can “play music” with or one that you can “listen to music” with.

A PMA is a “play-music app.” You play music (for example, you play a piano on the screen) on a PMA.

An LMA is a “listen-music app.” You listen to music (like you push play and listen to a tune you want to hear) with this kind of app.

Buttons Play Music publishes PMAs, play-music apps.

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