BPM PMAs are simple light (don’t take much resources on your device) apps that you can play anywhere. You can play them on the bus. You can take several instruments with you when you travel, and you can edit the instruments depending on what music you want to play.

We design them to be hacked. You can modify your instruments. There is a community to discuss the instruments, hacking on the non-coder and on the coder levels, and other music subjects.

We build new instruments. Instrument designers whose designs we have noticed have their designs translated into digital form.

We build for tablet/phone and keyboard. These aren’t apps designed for a dedicated machine or physical instrument, and translated into a digital form. They are built digital-native. They are designed to be used best when played on a tablet/phone or desktop with a keyboard. They can be used without a keyboard as well. We sell inexpensive portable keyboards you can plug into your tablet or phone — the same keyboards we use ourselves. They are designed to be used plugged into an amp with a band as well, if clients want to use them that way.

We use our own apps. We develop them as we use them. This means that every once in a while, we update the information, the apps, and the explanations on how you can get the most out of your BPM PMAs. It means we develop them so that we will be satisfied with using them. It means we have in mind how to make them as well as possible, get the most out of them, so that we can use them.